Ovcharov and Partners attorneys association
Ovcharov and Partners attorneys association

White Collar crime practice / Anti-raid protection / Corporate security system / Litigation

— Finalists of the Legal Award-2019 in the
"Breakthrough of the Year" nomination

Legal protection of your business is our main goal

We are daring and always one step ahead

Ovcharov & Partners Attorneys association was founded in 2019. Professional lawyers with many years of experience and reputation in the legal market have teamed up to provide top-class legal services to businessmen, companies and individuals. That is why, already in the year of foundation, we became finalists of the Legal Award-2019 rating in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination.

We specialize in protecting business in the criminal process, developing and implementing corporate security systems, counteracting raiding, accompanying and resolving disputes during inspections by regulatory authorities.
Legal business protection
Denis Ovcharov
We know many ways to solve legal problems in Ukraine. But we are sure that the least expensive and most effective way to protect the interests of Clients is to use legal instruments, and not to participate in corruption schemes.

Dozens of years of experience of partners and the novelty of the company in the market -
super mix, which sets us apart from the competition, and guarantees maximum efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail to customers.

Our main specialization extends to legal defense in criminal prosecution, investigation of internal theft and fraud, building a corporate security system, development and implementation of anti-corruption policies in companies.

Urgent inquiries and calls of Clients are a usual thing for us. Our lawyers accompany the Client during investigative actions at any time of the day or night.

Denis Ovcharov

Managing partner, Attorney
Our company adheres to COAST principle
Work principles
DNA of our team
C - clarity
transparency of our actions and their understanding for the client
O - optimum
our solutions are balanced in terms of cost and risk
A - active
the effectiveness and efficiency of our advice
S - success
our actions always lead to success
T - team
we always work as a team and stand by our reputation
Every person who runs his own business faces with unexpectable circumstances and it is important to feel reliable support and protection
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E-mail: info@ovcharov.partners
Ovcharov and Partners attorneys association​
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Voznesenskyi descent, 23v Ukreaine, Kyiv, 02000
Phone.: +38 067 511 72 65
E-mail: info@ovcharov.partners