Ovcharov and Partners attorneys association
Ovcharov and Partners attorneys association
Corporate trainings / Courses / Team-buildings

We help identify and eliminate risks in the business

We have created the Academy for the training of top management and company employees to counter the illegal actions of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, as well as to strengthen the corporate security of the company.

We know all the nuances of criminal prosecution, corporate fraud, creating corporate security system in Ukraine and the world.

All programs are authentic and based on many years of experience in creating corporate security systems, preventing corporate fraud, internal investigations and much more.


Staff trainings

We have developed for your employees authentic crisis response programs in case of unpredictable situations.
Trainings for preparing staff for a search:
  • how to behave during law enforcement visit
  • methods of psychological pressure on employees
  • counterraction to law enforcement manipulations
Advanced training course for executives of the Security Service of the company.

Development and integration of complex corporate security programs

Forensic measures: corporate fraud prevention, internal reviews and investigations, source identification of information leakage

Criminal МВА


Training for business owners and top management:

  • How to assess and minimize existing criminal prosecution risks
  • How to organize the business processes so that the intervention of law enforcements does not prevent the business from working further
  • How to manage team work under total pressure if criminal prosecution has begun
  • How to develop and implement a company security policy
Corporate security system



Simulation of the search among employees of the company that is close to reality to identify weaknesses and errors that could adversely affect operations and business development.

The format allows you to take into account all the business processes of the client and serves as a kind of "testing" the readiness of the staff for a search.

Main goal: to preserve business processes and company's property

The team-building game "Search" helps to prepare employees for the search and feel everything on themselves. It unites and strengthens the team through the thrill and vibrant emotions during the game.
Business protection against illegal actions of law enforcements
Business legal protection
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